The Finnleo CON-01 analogue controller is suitable for up to 6kW single-phase 9kW 3-phase load. 

The control panel is splash proof and should be installed in a dry place, as close to the sauna as possible. The included temperature sensor unit, which controls cabin temperature and incorporates an over-temperature device, should be mounted above the sauna heater approximately 40mm from the ceiling.

The controller can be programmed to switch the heater off after a maximum time of 3 hours.

The temperature can be set by the user up to 110 degrees celsius.

There is alighting control available:

  • Light, up to 100W is internally wired and ready for use.


This controller when in control mode will only operate for 3 hours and then switch itself OFF, this is a safety feature to prevent leaving the sauna ON for extended periods.

The controller is set for 3-phase use and can be wired for single-phase use by linking together incoming L1, L2 & L3 and importantly linking together the 2 Neutral (N) connections. A minimum 2.5mm sq. cable should be used for links. 

The outgoing U, V & W connections can be linked at the controller, or at the heater connections.

Dimensions: 25cm wide; 22cm high; 8cm deep.

Finnleo CON-01 Analogue Controller

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